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My name is Jonas Fleur-Aime. I am an idea lover. I believe in taking small ideas and creating big experiences. I am a British National born to Haitian parents. As a child I moved to the melting pot that is Miami where I was exposed to influences from around the world that inspired me to become a designer.

As a young boy I loved to doodle in my textbooks and desks much to the dismay of my teachers. I fell in love with illustration but was eventually drawn to design for its collaborative aspect and mix of form and function. After training myself for several years and working freelance I learned the importance of blending business strategy, design, and marketing to build strong businesses.

When not designing/coding/strategizing I love to cook, travel, watch TED, and ponder the meaning of life.

I am currently split my time between being a consultant for high growth start-ups and working with the new media agency Flash Boom Bang. My work has been featured in IDN, Adweek, and Adobe’s permanent collection. I am not sure where I will end up next but I am willing to go wherever there are ideas that need executing and of course good food.

I am a unicorn

I take pride in being skilled in many aspects of design and development. However, I am not a pixel-pusher or code-monkey. My focus is on solving high-level problems and driving results.  When tackling projects I prefer to focus on one or two areas and delegate lower-level tasks.

Digital Strategy

Gone are the days when you can simply put a website/product and easily find success. To stand out and succeed in the crowded digital world of today you need a solid and adaptable digital strategy. I work to define that strategy and help you get from point A to point B utilizing all digital channels available.

UI/UX Design

Customers are the lifeblood of every business and your customer’s initial experience with your brand, product, and people has an immense impact on you success. Good user interface and experience design makes sure that your customers have a memorable and seamless experience. I’m particularly passionate about the onboarding process and using A/B testing to validate design choices.

Front-end Web/Mobile Development

Code is eating the world. Software and applications are the fastest growing sector of innovation thanks to the internet. I’m skilled in developing light mobile and web applications and MVP’s. My tools of the trade include HTML/CSS, Jquery, and AngularJS. I also ❤ WordPress.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work on many large and small projects for various brands and organizations including:

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